child labour

A few weeks ago I went to visit some new factories with a client. We had a tight trip, 15 factories in 5 days. These factories had been pre screened by our Hangzhou office but, as always, you don’t really know a factory until you visit it.

We visited one of the factories, in Guangdong province, and we had a suprise

steel production GISP

Hoy ha empezado en Beijing la octava edición del SED (strategic economic dialogue), una serie de reuniones entre USA y China donde se discute de un amplio rango de asuntos. Fué establecido por Obama y el anterior presidente chino, Hu Jintao, y se desarrolla anualmente, alternativamente en Beijing y Washington. Atienden los más altos cargos de los dos países, pero los

history repeats itself

So, China joined the SDR. Not a big suprise… as we already explained in this post, one of the reasons behind the devaluation of the yuan some monthes ago was to give Christine Lagarde and the IMF an excuse to include the chinese currency in the SDR basket.

To summarize, the SDR is a reserve asset created

gisp beijing smog

As I have explained in other posts, pollution is one of the main concerns of Chinese citizens. In one of the last trips I took to China I went to Handan city in Hebei province, a heavy industrial area. Visibility was less than 30 metres because of pollution, we could barely see the cars in front of us

stock market fall

There are a lot of articles lately about the Chinese stock market crash. Many of them says it’s the signal that the Chinese economy will have a hard landing, that will have consequences for the economy of all countries in general. While it’s true that China is growing at a slower rate than the last years, the stock market is


If you have been reading the news about the Chinese Yuan devaluation in the last weeks, you will probably not have a clear idea of what is happening with the Yuan right now. I have read all sort of articles, from good ones (not


Last week I was invited to speak in a conference about entepreneurship at ESCI-UPF university, together with the US consul in Barcelona. It was very interesting and it made me think about America position in the world, especially in relation to China.

After getting used to a world with America as a single referee, the situation is quickly changing. We are moving


Muchas PYMEs trabajan con China, y la gran mayoría dedican recursos insuficientes en formar a la gente que lleva el día a día con China.

Cuando trabajamos con un país tan diferente, hay que ser consciente en todo momento de que su cultura no se parece en nada a la nuestra. Abordan los problemas de manera diferente porque su background cultural,


Com molts de vosaltres ja sabeu, el govern xinès s’ha posat les piles amb el tema mediambiental. Quan vam començar a treballar a la Xina, l’any 2000, tot s’hi valia. Recordo haver visitat fàbriques químiques a zones amb una densitat molt alta d’aquest tipus d’indústries. Només baixar del cotxe, l’olor era molt forta, i els de la fàbrica ens advertien

dollar euro

During 2014, the USD has been appreciating against the EUR. This affects all of us who work with China, especially if we are located in Europe. The chinese yuan is de facto tied to the USD (although slowly appreciating against it in a very controlled way), so when the USD appreciates against the EUR, the CNY also appreciates against the