We know the Chinese market and its culture, here we share the topics that we think are most relevant about China and the economic situation, which we think can help you make decisions.
24 de November de 2020
precio del acero

Stainless steel price in China

11 de November de 2020

Why is the chinese yuan appreciating?

The exchange rate between the chinese yuan (CNY) and the US dollar (USD) has reached USD0.15 today. Since May, it has appreciated by 8%. This is bad for chinese exporters, because when they mostly get paid in USD. So when they change to CNY, they get paid 8% less. So […]
6 de October de 2020
China's lost opportunity GISP

China’s big lost opportunity

Back in 1999 when I first went to China, I made a bet with one of my Chinese friends. He was always saying that by 2020 China would overtake the US as the world leader. Given the situation back then, with China a third world country and the US the […]
23 de September de 2020
polished stainless steel gisp

Stainless Steel Finishes

Ever since 2001, when we started supplying stainles steel products to our partners worldwide, one of the first questions we ask is: What finishing of stainless steel are you looking for? After choosing the type of stainless steel, finishing is the second most important decision, as it comes with many […]
13 de February de 2020
bowls for welding gisp

Taking care of your sink bowls

We often receive questions regarding the maintenance of sink bowls. We use AISI304 stainless steel, according to industry standards, so we always give the general industry recommendations. First, use them often. Although this might sound odd, one of the best ways to extend the lifespan of your sink bowls is […]
20 de November de 2019
stainless steel gisp

Stainless steel: AISI201, AISI304, AISI430

Stainless steel is widely used in the hospitality industry, mainly due to its good corrosion resistance. Traditionally we used mainly two types of stainless steel: AISI304 for higher corrosion environments, and AISI430 for lower corrosion environments. Today, there are many more types, so I will focus on the three most […]
29 de October de 2019
port of rotterdam gisp

“So, what price are you offering me?”

At this last edition of HOST we received many questions like these from first time visitors to our stand. Of course, we were not surprised, as one of the main purposes of any visitor is to check if our offer is competitive enough compared to other manufacturers. While we know […]
15 de October de 2019
aluminum insert gisp

New zamac and aluminium inserts

HOST Milan is about to start and after our recent launch of zinc alloy inserts, we are now introducing another new product series: our aluminium inserts for kitchen equipment FLC-44 and FLR-44. This variation of the already existing zamak inserts allows for a significant cost reduction of 20%. While the […]