We know the Chinese market and its culture, here we share the topics that we think are most relevant about China and the economic situation, which we think can help you make decisions.
21 de January de 2022

Is eYuan the new bitcoin?

Several of our friends and customers have asked lately in they should invest in electronic Yuan (eYuan), the electronic currency that the Chinese government is testing. They say they have seen it’s the new bitcoin, it’s still cheap because it’s new and it will boom as bitcoin has done. They […]
27 de October de 2021

When will container prices go down?

When container prices shot up during Covid pandemic, we all though that the situation would be transitory. Nobody thought that, more than a year later, the situation would be so dramatic: prices are ten times higher than usual and, even when you pay, it’s very hard to get a container, […]
14 de October de 2021

Stainless steel price in China

15 de March de 2021

Container costs go crazy

Just a quick update on this post we wrote analyzing the situation of transportation market, and explaining why the container prices were skyrocketing and how we saw the situation. Here is the current situation (averange prices that WE pay for containers, which is not necessarily the market price): We are […]
29 de January de 2021

Raw material prices about to rocket up?

The weeks before the Chinese New Year holidays are always demanding, but this year beats them all: Big increases in raw material prices Soaring CNY/USD exchange rate Record beating container prices These three factors affect the price directly. But not only that, as Chinese factories will close for 3 weeks […]
1 de December de 2020

Why are containers so expensive lately?

Now that it seems that Covid situation is improving and we can finally relax a little bit and get back to business as usual, shipaggedon is here (cool name but sadly not mine, New York times gets the credit). To make it short, good luck these days if you want […]
11 de November de 2020

Why is the chinese yuan appreciating?

The exchange rate between the chinese yuan (CNY) and the US dollar (USD) has reached USD0.15 today. Since May, it has appreciated by 8%. This is bad for chinese exporters, because when they mostly get paid in USD. So when they change to CNY, they get paid 8% less. So […]
27 de October de 2020

How do we ensure that our products are not copied in China?

Every time we visit a customer for the first time, one of their biggest concerns is that one of their products might be copied. This is an understandable concern, as industrial intellectual protection is barely respected in China and there have been countless of such cases across industries. So, what […]