We know the Chinese market and its culture, here we share the topics that we think are most relevant about China and the economic situation, which we think can help you make decisions.
24 de November de 2020
precio del acero

Stainless steel price in China

11 de November de 2020

Why is the chinese yuan appreciating?

The exchange rate between the chinese yuan (CNY) and the US dollar (USD) has reached USD0.15 today. Since May, it has appreciated by 8%. This is bad for chinese exporters, because when they mostly get paid in USD. So when they change to CNY, they get paid 8% less. So […]
27 de October de 2020

How do we ensure that our products are not copied in China?

Every time we visit a customer for the first time, one of their biggest concerns is that one of their products might be copied. This is an understandable concern, as industrial intellectual protection is barely respected in China and there have been countless of such cases across industries. So, what […]
6 de October de 2020
China's lost opportunity GISP

China’s big lost opportunity

Back in 1999 when I first went to China, I made a bet with one of my Chinese friends. He was always saying that by 2020 China would overtake the US as the world leader. Given the situation back then, with China a third world country and the US the […]
23 de September de 2020
polished stainless steel gisp

Stainless Steel Finishes

Ever since 2001, when we started supplying stainles steel products to our partners worldwide, one of the first questions we ask is: What finishing of stainless steel are you looking for? After choosing the type of stainless steel, finishing is the second most important decision, as it comes with many […]
23 de June de 2020
Concepto Cara en China y Trump

Face and Trump’s Chinese Coronavirus

These last weeks, Mr Trump is not talking about coronavirus anymore. Now he is talking about the Chinese virus, or the Chinese coronavirus. This small change will have huge consequences. One of the most important aspects of Chinese culture is Face. It’s difficult to translate because we don’t have this […]
23 de March de 2020
Mercados de China

Wuhan Coronavirus and wet markets

If you have been to a wet market in China, you can not be too surprised when they tell you that the Wuhan Coronavirus, the new pandemic spreading through China, did originate in one of these markets. There is a lot of talk about the wet market in Wuhan, but […]
13 de February de 2020
bowls for welding gisp

Taking care of your sink bowls

We often receive questions regarding the maintenance of sink bowls. We use AISI304 stainless steel, according to industry standards, so we always give the general industry recommendations. First, use them often. Although this might sound odd, one of the best ways to extend the lifespan of your sink bowls is […]