We know the Chinese market and its culture, here we share the topics that we think are most relevant about China and the economic situation, which we think can help you make decisions.
22 de September de 2020


  EXPORT We look for distributors for your product in China, negotiate conditions, take care of transport and storage and introduce your product in China.
22 de September de 2020


  IMPORT We develop your product and manufacture and deliver it to your warehouse. We control your moulds to avoid parallel manufacturing.
22 de September de 2020


  CONSULTING We offer consulting and legal services in China.
22 de September de 2020

Product search

PRODUCT SEARCH We look for suppliers, negotiate the price and control the quality before shipment.
22 de September de 2020


  STORAGE We have a warehouse in Hangzhou where we take care of your product. When not in use, we store your moulds in our warehouse.
22 de September de 2020

Quality control

QUALITY CONTROL We carry out quality inspections, send reports and samples for your approval. We don’t ship until yopu verify production samples and give the green light.