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Donald Trump

These last weeks, Mr Trump is not talking about coronavirus anymore. Now he is talking about the Chinese virus, or the Chinese coronavirus. This small change will have huge consequences.

One of the most important aspects of Chinese culture is Face. It’s difficult to translate because we don’t have this concept in western culture, and some people mistakenly simplify by translating

Sun setting over a Cathay Pacific plane in Hong Kong

As I explained in my last POST, I have spent some days in China and Hong Kong visiting our offices, factories and some raw material and component suppliers. I had read a lot about the situation in Hong Kong before the trip, and all my Chinese friends and suppliers were telling me not to go because it

history repeats itself

So, China joined the SDR. Not a big suprise… as we already explained in this post, one of the reasons behind the devaluation of the yuan some monthes ago was to give Christine Lagarde and the IMF an excuse to include the chinese currency in the SDR basket.

To summarize, the SDR is a reserve asset created


Muchas PYMEs trabajan con China, y la gran mayoría dedican recursos insuficientes en formar a la gente que lleva el día a día con China.

Cuando trabajamos con un país tan diferente, hay que ser consciente en todo momento de que su cultura no se parece en nada a la nuestra. Abordan los problemas de manera diferente porque su background cultural,


La meva primera vegada va ser l’any 1999, al poble de Fengdu a la província de Chongqing.

La meva companya Anna i jo vam arribar a Beijing de vacances el juliol del 1999. Volíem veure com era la Xina per decidir si hi anàvem a treballar. Hi havia molt pocs estrangers i era bastant normal que ens seguissin pel carrer.