gisp beijing smog

Mosaic: Beijing 365 days of pollution

As I have explained in other posts, pollution is one of the main concerns of Chinese citizens. In one of the last trips I took to China I went to Handan city in Hebei province, a heavy industrial area. Visibility was less than 30 metres because of pollution, we could barely see the cars in front of us when driving. Many of my Chinese friends often post pictures of the reader in their air purifier, or the view (or non-view) from their balcony.

Beijing businessman Zhu Yi has gone one step further: he took a picture from the window of his Beijing apartment each day for 2 years, creating a mosaic that, at a glance, shows the reality of air quality in the Chinese capital. He has named his project “Apparent at first glance”, when you see the mosaic no words are needed.

gisp beijing smog


A good example of how the actions of an individual can make a difference. Nice work !!

Marc Torras