Sectors of activity


Activity sectors

After over 20 years working in Asia, we have specialized in the industrial and technological sectors, where we work with various products and materials, responding to the demands of our customers.

We have a portfolio of manufacturing suppliers in several areas of the country to always offer the best value for money. They know our level of demand and our quality control protocols, so we give the best results.

Metal products of all types

We produce metal parts following several processes: casting, extrusion, machining, injection, stamping, etc. We can make any treatment and give all types of finish.

Plastic injection moulds

We design and manufacture moulds for making GispTooling plastic injection parts. The manufacturer's specialization in this type of production is the key to achieving optimal quality at a reasonable price.

Plastic parts

We offer the possibility of designing and manufacturing plastic parts without purchasing the mould. We guarantee the quality of the production and offer the most competitive price for each product.

Electrical components: electronic circuits and motors.

We manufacture any product that carries an electronic board (computers, toys, hi-fi equipment, small appliances, etc.) or a motor (either AC or DC).

Products of various materials

We coordinate the manufacture of complex products that are composed of parts made of various materials and also manage the process of coupling the parts to provide the finished product.